Fabric Red Resistance Band - Medium
Fabric Red Resistance Band - Medium
Fabric Red Resistance Band - Medium

Fabric Red Resistance Band - Medium

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TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Our Forever Flex Band will help you transform key target areas with an increase in resistance by 300% so you see faster results whether you are a beginner in the workout industry or you’re an advanced athlete, our bands have the power to transform any level.

FEEL THE RESISTANCE: Our bands are unique & designed to be simple! They're also extremely effective at targeting your muscles. Additionally, band training can help you boost stamina, tone and lift muscles while challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body to help prevent injuries and support rehab, by enhancing range of motion and flexibility.

CONVENIENCE: Our bands will allow you to achieve an effective and challenging tension band workout, whether it’s at home, outdoors, office or gym setting. This band comes with a versatile black leather carry bag that can be taken to the gym or even when you travel as they are lightweight and easily portable.

DIFFERENTIAL: Our bands are designed in three different strengths. Most fabric resistance bands are sold by different sizes where the large size is very loose (not allowing enough resistance) and the small size which is too tight (not allowing enough mobility and applies too much pressure). Separating ourselves from our competitors, the set of 3 bands are all the same size, but the strength of each band has different elasticity; from Light > Medium > Heavy, meaning that you will be able to reach full range of motion with all 3 bands. The red band is of medium resistance and is perfect for anyone who is looking to intensify their workouts. 

ANTI-SLIP/ NON-ROLLING/ DURABLE: Our bands have been crafted and designed to never roll up or down when performing your exercises, neither slip nor break. Our bands will allow you to experience extreme comfort, so that you can use them even on bare skin. We have developed the grip technology within the interior of the band so it can even withstand the most explosive workouts, from fire-hydrants to deadlifts, to squats.  

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